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Hi! My name is Peter and I am a Full Stack Designer.
I specialize in web design, ui/ux design and front end development- I love creating fully realized, intuitive, easy to use, effective, elegant and fun user experiences that have an interesting story to tell. I'm also a pretty decent writer too - travel & fiction, digital & print.

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Responsive Web Design
Wireframing & Prototyping
UX Design
Mobile Design
Digital Marketing

My work


client Marc Wouters RA, LEED AP, CNU NY.

Peter was brought in to redesign our site after having had him create my own site a while back and knowing he would be familiar with our design aesthetic and more than capable in assisting us in determining what kind of experience we wanted our visitors to have and how to get there.

client Gigi Manders Founder & CEO, GFI Inc.

Peter was with me from the beginning of the project-shortly after its inception. From the first research steps into sustainable agriculture, to designing our logo, writing and creating our presentations for potential investors, all marketing materials and eventually our entire web pressence- and our work continues!

client Johali Peeck Investor Relations, BP.

Peter was my co-worker at BP for nearly a decade. We had a great time together and I consider myself lucky to call him a friend. Reliable, talented and full of energy.

client Basia Frossard Lead Designer, Chelsea Marketplace.

We got in touch with Peter after looking for the right designer/developer to update the image of Chelsea Marketplace, redesign its long overdo website and establish an online pressence that was playful yet strong. The fact that we continue to work together and continuously come up with new ideas, shows how happy we have been with our selection.

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